La Paulée traces its roots back to the ancient tradition of Burgundy, where winemakers and vineyard workers would gather to celebrate the harvest. This convivial gathering provided an opportunity for those involved in winemaking to share their experiences, enjoy the fruits of their labor, and forge bonds within the community.

La Paulée typically features a series of events, including grand tastings, exclusive dinners, Gala dinners, Charity dinners and seminars led by esteemed winemakers and experts. The week culminates with the celebration is the Grand Tasting and Gala Dinner, where attendees have the opportunity to sample an array of exceptional Burgundy wines and savor gourmet cuisine prepared by Chef Douglas King.

Beyond its celebration of Burgundy wines, La Paulée serves as a testament to the enduring allure of tradition and the power of community in the realm of wine appreciation.

La Paulée continues to embody the timeless values of camaraderie, conviviality, and appreciation for fine wine. As it evolves and grows, La Paulée remains a cherished tradition, uniting wine lovers and fostering a deeper understanding of Burgundy’s rich viticultural heritage.