La Paulée is a Burgundian celebration held at the end of the grape harvest. This was once a widespread practice throughout France but now most often refers to the festivities held in Meursault. La Paulée de Meursault is part of Les Trois Glorieuses, “the three glorious days,” that take place around Beaune on the third weekend of each November. The first day centers on a Saturday banquet hosted by the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin at the Château du Clos Vougeot. On Sunday, the renowned auction of Hospices de Beaune wines is held in the beautiful fifteenth century Hôtel-Dieu. The grand finale of this oenophilic trilogy is La Paulée, an extravagant luncheon that starts at noon on Monday at the Château de Meursault and continues well into the evening.

Over the years, La Paulée has changed a bit from the original communal banquet for growers and their workers. Though such vineyard celebrations with harvest participants have continued, the official La Paulée has become a grand gala attended by Meursault growers and producers along with other wine connoisseurs. It is a privilege to attend and reservations are mostly made a year in advance.

The inagural “La Paulée de Calgary” was held as a Gala at the Ranchmans club in Calgary on April 15th 2023.

This inagural event was the brainchild of local wine collector Robert Kulhawy and Will Trow’s “General Manager and Sommelier of the Ranchmans Club”

As a long time member of the “Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin” Kulhawy has had the privilege of attending and participating in the many outstanding “La Paulée’s” that the Calgary Confrérie has hosted for their members over the years. This inspired Robert to expand the “La Paulée” experience to others and to share his passion for and promote the wines of Burgundy.

A special feature of La Paulée de Calgary is that everyone brings wine, the best Burgundy from their cellars. A friendly but intense competition reigns as bottles are uncorked, shared and imbibed. Anyone who appreciates fine wine and cuisine should try to attend this event.

The Second Annual La Paulee de Calgary featured 5 events over 4 days, hosting 300 attendees.

Casual Burgundy Wine Dinner Ranchmens Club April 24th 2024  

Mainspring’s Charity dinner Purlieu Bistro April 25th 2024

Burgundy Wine Fair Ranchmens Club April 26th 2024

Clos Vougeot Tasting Ranchmens Club April 27th 2024

La Paulee de Calgary Ranchmens Club April 27th 2024

La Paulée de Calgary “Burgundy Week” is a salute to La Paulée de Meursault and the traditions of Burgundy. It is a modest attempt to transport the Burgundy spirit of generosity and camaraderie to enthusiastic and passionate lovers of fine Burgundies.